These are various questions (and answers), theories about the things in the Matrix, how they work, why they work etc. Not much though, I have a lot of thoughts and theories about Matrix, but I can't recolect them when I sit down to write :(

For example - in the first movie -
Q: how can the Oracle be all the time in the Matrix? Why couldn't they meet her outside of the Matrix - in Zion, for example? And also why don't the agents find her when she is in the same place all of the time ?
A: it is answered in the second movie - The Oracle is a computer program - so she is always in the Matrix, and as an encoded piece of software and using the backdoors she can avoid the agents... I'm not really sure how this question was never asked in Zion... I guess she had told them a good story (like she has her own ship to move around or something...)

Q: How could Neo move around when he first woke up - before they regerated his muscles ?
A: It was the excitement for one - adrenalin rushes can do miracles... Two he had some energy in his body, he had to spend it before he got tired...

Q: Morpheus was tortured a lot by the agents, and that this isn't noticeable on him in the next scenes...
A: Well, for one, they "only" tortured his mind, which means that outside the matrix there shouldn't be any visible marks on him. Maybe he should be tired a bit, but being the next scenes are quite exciting the adrenaline rush should keep him on foot for a while...

Q: The thing that was annoying for many people was the ending of the first movie. What happened?
A: From this point of view and knowing what I know now, this is the answer:
The Wachowski brothers say they knew from the start they have too much material to put in just one movie... It wasn't sure if it was going to be a trilogy. So basically the end is leaving enough space for the sequels to finish it...
The first answer we can give that it was the only logical thing to do... As said many of the people would die outside the matrix, their minds could handle the real world... And even those who would survive, how could they feed millions of people (and before that regenerate their muscles). So destroying the matrix in a moment is not the answer. So people continue to live in the matrix and be liberated (as said in reloaded "more in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years"), until the end of the war... what then? I don't know... Maybe to stay in the matrix without the agents? We'll see... it all depends on what happened in the end of Reloaded, and that is another question...


Q: Who is the "Kid" ?
A: His first appearance is in an Animatrix ("The Kid's Story"). He appears to have set himself out of the matrix before Neo has reached him. Nevertheless, the Kid is convinced that Neo saved him (and that is why he follows him around).
The Kid's real name is Michael Karl Popper.

An interesting thingy, Smith in the first movie called humans a desise a "virus", and now he is a virus :) He is a perfect arch-enemy to the One, being that he is many :)

Q: What happened on the end of this one?
A: Nothing yet, it's going to be concluded :-) Well, there was a lot of theries around, many of them quite complex (maybe too complex), but everything is cleared out in Revolutions... Neo's power reaches to the Source, so he can (more or less) control all of the machines, but he has done it too soon and he fell into a coma.


I am satisfied with the ending.. it wasn't as expected (not by many anyway), but in a way that was the only thing I expected from the Watchowski brothers. All is there (more or less) - all things unfold, but in the end it is not over... People shouldn't expect further complications of the story. And as said this part is about death - it has a fine atmosphere or the war outside of the matrix. This is also one of the things people don't like - outside things can't be so impresive.

Q: what now, what after this movie?
A: many think that the fourth movie will be made, but it was declined many times, and now it can be seen why... the continuation of the story will be thru new comics and thru the new MMORPG game... search for "TheMatrixOnline" :)