from "The Matrix"

There is no Spoon said on various occasions
Welcome to the real world
Believe the Unbelievable


- I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid... afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell how it's going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone, and then show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without you. A world without rules or controls, borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.
- You ever have that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming?
- What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?
- Yeah. Well, that sounds like a pretty good deal. But I think I may have a better one. How about, I give you the finger [He does] ...and you give me my phone call.


- Unfortunately, no-one can be told what the Matrix is - you have to see it for yourself.
- Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.
- I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.
- Welcome to the desert of the real.
- This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
- What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Agent Smith

- I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet, you are a plague, and we are the cure.
- Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.
- Never send a human to do a machine's job.
- I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I've somehow been infected by it.
- Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost. Some believed we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from. Which is why the Matrix was redesigned to this: the peak of your civilization.


[Opening lines. Phone rings.]
Cypher: Yeah?
Trinity: Is everything in place?
Cypher: You weren't supposed to relieve me.
Trinity: I know, but I felt like taking a shift.
Cypher: You like him, don't you? You like watching him.
Trinity: Don't be ridiculous.
Cypher: We're gonna kill him. You understand that?
Trinity: Morpheus believes he is the one.
Cypher: Do you?
Trinity: It doesn't matter what I believe.
Cypher: You don't, do you?
Trinity: Did you hear that?
Cypher: Hear what?
Trinity: Are you sure this line is clean?
Cypher: Yeah, of course I'm sure.
Trinity: I better go.

Agent Brown: She got out.
Agent Smith: Doesn't matter.
Agent Brown: The informant is real.
Agent Smith: Yes.
Agent Jones: We have the name of their next target.
Agent Brown: The name is Neo.
Agent Smith: We'll need a search running.
Agent Jones: It has already begun.

Neo: Am I dead?
Morpheus: Far from it.

Morpheus: How did I beat you?
Neo: You... you're too fast.
Morpheus: Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? Do you think that's air you're breathing now?

Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon boy: Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Oracle: I'd ask you to sit down, but, you're not going to anyway. And don't worry about the vase.
Neo: What vase?
[Neo turns to look for a vase, and as he does, he knocks over a vase of flowers, which shatters on the floor.]
Oracle: That vase.
Neo: I'm sorry--
Oracle: I said don't worry about it. I'll get one of my kids to fix it.
Neo: How did you know?
Oracle: Ohh, what's really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn't said anything?
Oracle: You're cuter than I thought. I can see why she likes you.
Neo: Who?
Oracle: Not too bright, though.

Tank: So what do you need? Besides a miracle.
Neo: Guns. Lots of guns.

Tank: Door on your left!
[Neo goes right]
Tank: Your other left!

from "The Matrix Reloaded"

Agent Smith: I'm looking for Neo.
Guy at door: Never heard of him.
Agent Smith: I have something for him, a gift. You see, he set me free...
[hands over a small envelope through slit in door]
Guy at door: Yeah, whatever. Now, piss off.

Neo: Hiya, fellas.
Agent Johnson: It's him.
Agent Thompson: The anomaly.
Agent Jackson: Do we proceed?
Agent Johnson: Yes...
Agent Thompson: ...he is still...
Agent Jackson: ...only human.

Agent Smith: that went as expected
Agent Smith Clone: yes, everything is just like before.
[they look at each other]
Agent Smith: Well, not everything.

Trinity: You told me never to get on the freeway. You said it was suicide.
Morpheus: Then let us hope that I was wrong.

Commander Lock: Not everyone believes what you do Morpheus.
Morpheus: My beliefs do not require them to.

Neo: So we need machines, and machines need us. Is that your point?
Councillor Harmann: No, no point. Old men like me don't bother in making points. There is no point.
Neo: Is that why there are no young men on the council?
Councillor Harmann: Good point.

Neo: What do you do?
Seraph: I protect that which matters most.

Seraph: I protect the Oracle. I can take you to her. But first, I must apologize.
Neo: For what?.
Seraph: For this.
[fighting ensues]

Seraph: You never truly know somebody until you fight them.

Seraph: The Oracle has many enemies, I had to be sure.
Neo: Of what?
Seraph: That you were The One.
Neo: You could've just asked.

Agent Smith: Now here I stand because of you, Mr. Anderson, because of you I am no longer an Agent of the system. Because of you I am changed, unplugged. A new man, so to speak, like you, apparently free.
Neo: Congratulations.

Twin #1: We are getting aggravated.
Twin #2: Yes, we are.

Bane: Oh God!
Agent Smith: Smith will suffice.

Merovingian: Don't you love the French language? I have sampled every language, French is my favorite. Fantastic language. Especially to curse with.
[stream of curses]
Merovingian: It's like wiping your ass with silk, I love it.

Neo: If I were you, I would hope that we don't meet again.
The Architect: We won't.

The Keymaker: I've been waiting for you.

Neo: But if you already know, how can I make a choice?
The Oracle: Because you didn't come here to make a choice, you've already made it. You're here to try to understand why you made it.

The Oracle: So, let's get the obvious stuff out of the way.
Neo: You're not human, are you?
The Oracle: Well, it's harder to get much more obvious than that.

The Oracle: It seems that every time we meet, I have nothing but bad news. I'm sorry about that, I truly am. But for what it's worth, you've made a believer out of me. Good luck, kiddo.

Neo: Are there other programs like you?
The Oracle: Oh, well, not like me. But... look, see those birds? At some point a program was written to govern them. A program was written to watch over the trees, and the wind, the sunrise, and sunset. There are programs running all over the place. The ones doing their job, doing what they were meant to do, are invisible. You'd never even know they were here. But the other ones, well, we hear about them all the time.
Neo: I've never heard of them.
The Oracle: Oh, of course you have. Every time you've heard someone say they saw a ghost, or an angel. Every story you've ever heard about vampires, werewolves, or aliens, is the system assimilating some program that's doing something they're not supposed to be doing.

Councillor Harmann: I hate sleeping. I figured, I've slept the first eleven years of my life away, so now I'm just making up for it.

Trinity: Touch me and that hand will never touch anything again.

Neo: Hm, Upgrades.

[Twin #1 gets shot in the arm while blocking a door]
Twin #1: [to his brother] Could we move along?

Commander Lock: If it were up to me, you'd never step foot in another ship!
Morpheus: Then I am grateful, Commander, that it is not up to you.

Persephone: ...just a sample.
Trinity: How about you sample this?
[pulls out her gun]

The Keymaker: We do what we are meant to do.
Agent: Then you are meant for one more thing: deletion.

[Twins disappear through floor]
Trinity: That's a neat trick.

Link: Where's my pus... Hey kids!

[after watching Neo stop thousands of bullets in the air.]
Merovingian: Okay, you have some skill.

Agent Smith: I killed you, Mr. Anderson. I watched you die.... with some satisfaction, I might add. Then something happened- something I thought would be impossible, but it happened anyway. You destroyed me, Mr. Anderson. Afterwards, I was aware of the rules. I knew what I was supposed to do, but I didn't. I was compelled to stay- compelled to disobey. And right now, here I stand because of you, Mr. Anderson. Because of you, I'm no longer an Agent of this system. Because of you, I'm unplugged. A new man, sort of speak- like you. Apparently free.
Neo: Congratulations.
Agent Smith: Thank you.

Agent Smith: We're not here because we're free, we're here because we're not free. There is no escaping this system.

Agent Thompson: You!
Agent Smith: Yes, me.
[turns Thompson into another Smith]
Agent Smith: Me... me... me...
Agent Smith Clone: Me too.

Persephone: ...Because you still have lipstick on you.
Merovingian: Lipstick?
[checks his face]
Merovingian: What Lipstick?
Persephone: She wasn't kissing your face.

Agent Smith: [to Neo] Still using all the muscles except the one that matters?
[points to head]

Agent Smith: I want everything.
Morpheus: Would that include a bullet from this gun?

Agent Smith: Do you know what the best thing about being me is?
[All the doors open, lots of Smith clones step out]
Agent Smith: There's lots of me!

[To Morpheus]
Agent Smith: If you can't beat us...
Agent Smith Clone: ...join us!

The Oracle: Candy?
Neo: You already know if I'm going to take it?
The Oracle: Wouldn't be much of an Oracle if I didn't.

Neo: Why are you here?
The Oracle: Same reason. I just love candy.

Trinity: Is Neo okay?
Link: Okay? Shit, Morpheus, you should have seen him.
Morpheus: Where is he now?
[Link checks a computer]
Link: He's doin' his Superman thing.

Merovingian: Mark my words. I have survived your predecessors and I will survive you.

Neo: Link, where am I?
Link: You're not gonna believe this, but you're in the mountains.
[Neo looks around. He is surrounded by grassy hills and snow-topped peaks]
Neo: [Sarcastically] Really?

The Keymaker: There is a building. Inside this building there is a level where no elevator can go, and no stair can reach. This level is filled with doors. These doors lead to many places. Hidden places. But one door is special. One door leads to the source.

The Architect: Hello Neo.
Neo: Who are you?
The Architect: I am the Architect. I created the Matrix. I have been waiting for you. You have many questions and although the process has altered your consciousness you remain irrevocably human, ergo some of my answers you will understand and some of them you will not. Concordantly, while your first question maybe the most pertinent you may or may not realize it is also the most irrelevant.

The Architect: You are here because Zion is about to be destroyed. Its every living inhabitant terminated, its entire existence eradicated.
Neo: Bullshit!
[The monitors respond the same]
The Architect: Denial is the most predictable of all human responses. But, rest assured, this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.

The Architect: Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.

Morpheus: I have dreamed a dream, but now that dream is gone from me.
(This is by the way, a quote from the Bible. It is being said by king Nabuchadnezar)