Archon's writing

These are some of the stories I have wrote. Maybe they aren't much but I think I am progressing. I would apriciate if you read them, though I doubt that there are many of my visitors that know serbian.

Please note that these stories are in Serbian if not noted otherwise. I am thinking of writing in English, but for now it is just too hard (I need some more english literature, and some more practise).

I have an entire world in my head, complete with a timeline, special happenings, a big aray of characters and much, much more. I hope that soon I'll publish something, and translate some of the stories to english, making them open to wider audiences.

Oh, yeah... The neat little sword (about two meters long) on the left side of the screen is Arbiter. It is a fictionary weapon, suposedly used by Lokran, a mythic hero of khalas.

  • Kratki uvod u ovaj svet / A short introduction to this world
  • Katastrofa Ravni / Disaster of the Planes
  • Prva patrola / First Patrol
  • (Vezba) slavlje / (Practise) Celebration
  • Bard Bezimenog Sela / Bard of the Nameless Village
  • Please, if you read any of these, send a comment, critic, or something on