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Recent stuff that has happened

September 2006

New lyrics include some hendrix and some others, like 2 minutes, tell me baby, who knew, world wide suicide, etc...

June - Aug 2006

I started some work in June, played a bit with the AT search, now it looks smoother. Also some more coding from place to place. But I just didn't have time to upload then, so after July and August, some lyrics appeared around and here we go...

Added artist data, some are just basic, but it is a start.

Some Roger Taylor (finished Electric Fire), Gorillaz and a few others.

May 2006

More lyr - though not much. More about The Cranberries.

April 2006 (vol 2):

A bit of tech tuning, but probably not noticable. Some minor display tweaks (spaces and such) in the table.
A few more songs. Completing the 'Queen II' and 'Sheer Heart Attack' albums , and some more from others apr2

April 2006:

And now the 500 songs break ;) And Song N0 500 is Teo Torriate - one of my favorite Queen songs, that for some reason didn't get inserted into the database before.
A few new songs, been listening to some Alanis (end of March-April).
No technical renovations.
here are the additions

February 2006:

After a while I'm back ;).
New design is quite visible. It took some time, and a lot of help from Archon3D, but I'm pretty happy how it looks now. There will be some minor adjustments but the general feel should be something like this.
The engine have had some serious reworking, mostly in the search area.
The new update brings us a few Peppers and the completion of the Queen albums 'A Kind Of Magic' and 'A Night At The Opera'.
new songs

November 2005(2nd up):

I have added some lyrics as promised. Featuring the 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' album from U2, then we have a peace of Nirvana (Teen, of course). And some other stuff, including some artist data (u2, annie lennox, alanis morissette)
looksy here :)

November 2005:

Well the artist page bug is now fixed (or so it seems). It should display corectly now, and I've learned that on the internet you simply can't trust that the latest standards will be accepted (even if they are a few years old). No new lyrics now, but it is the 1st of the month, so there is time ;)

October 2005:

Added a new page getID to directly display the closest song to the one searched for. Something like take me to the link I'm most likely to click on. It will still display the search link. It is intended to be used, for instance, when you are listening to songs, and want to quicly find lyrics. Also for potencial automatic search systems, like EvilLyrics.

The bug in artists display not fixed yet sorry people.

new lyrics

September 2005:

After testing it shows there are problem with the artist page in IE and even firefox, because they don't support some if the new features from CSS 2.1, or said more easily they don't listen when I say that they should wrap the text about the artist you are seeing on your screen. I guess I will have to do something about it.

I added some tooltips around the page (esppecially in the table)

Anyway some new artists and lyrics are added.

new lyrics

August 2005:

New is the artists diplay page, whre you can find something more about the artists behind the lyrics you read... of course this is just a begining, there aren't much artists yet, but i hope that the numbers will grow stedily.

for now: Queen, Freddie, Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor, Bowie, Beatles, Nightwish, Orthodox Celts, Moby...

There is, of course, a whole bunch of new songs added : the list

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