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- Tarja Turunen - vocals (b. 17th of August 1977)
- Tuomas Holopainen - keyboards (b. 25th of December 1976)
- Erno Vuorinen - guitars (b. 24th of June 1978)
- Jukka Nevalainen - drums (b. 21st of April 1978)
- Marco Hietala - bass & vocals (b. 14th of January 1966)

the idea of Nightwish was born in 1996. In May 1997 they signed a recording contract, and then their first single "The Carpenter" came out, followed by their first album "Angels Fall First". In the summer of 98 bassist Sami Vänskä joined them.
Oceanborn was released on December 7th the same year.
Third album "Wishmaster" was released in May 2000. In March 2001 Nightwish entered the studio again to record their version of Gary Moore`s classic "Over The Hills And Far Away".
Later in 2001 the band had almost fall apart. But it all ended with Sammi leaveing the band and the changes in managment and booking agencies. It was also then that Marco joined the band, first as just a replacement for the tour and then later as a full member.
The next album "Century Child" was out in May 2002 and made a sales record. After that they decided to take a year of break, to finish their personal obligations.

In 2004 "Nemo" was the first single of the new album, and it went gold in Finnland on the day of it's release, and so did the album "Once".

official page: nightwish.com

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Title Artist Author Album N0
1 The Riddler Nightwish o Oceanborn 8 e
2 Dead To The World Nightwish o Century Child 0 e
3 Dark Chest Of Wonders Nightwish o Once 1 e
4 Wish I Had An Angel Nightwish o Once 2 e
5 Nemo Nightwish o Once 3 e
6 Ghost Love Score Nightwish o Once 9 e
7 Wishmaster Nightwish o Wishmaster 6 e
8 Over The Hills And Far Away Nightwish o Over The Hills And Far Away 1 e
9 Away Nightwish o Over The Hills And Far Away 3 e
10 Creek mary's Blood Nightwish o Once 5 e
11 Higher Than Hope Nightwish o Once 11 e
12 Walking In The Air Nightwish o Tuomas o Oceanborn 10 e

Showing results from 1 to 50.

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