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QM is now multilingual, and currently comes only with English and Serbian but there is a posibility that more languages will be included in the next version and that will be available on the official page.

Also I'm hoping time will let me make a mini translation program that could make it a lot easier for the translators. Check on my page for any info on the porject.

QM uses the Balmsoft bsPolyglot system of translation. This is a very usefull freeware component.

The active language can be selected from the options menu from the combo box.

If anybody wants to help and translate QM to their language they are more then welcome...

Some notes on translating

The language files are included in <dbpoweramp dir>/QueMaster/Languages/.

First of all you need to copy the 'English.lng' file (which is here only as a template) and rename it to 'YourLang.lng'. The extension must be lng and it has to be in the same directory or QM will ignore it...

Next step is to open the file in any text editor (notepad will do) and then edit the quoted English frazes after the '=' sign. You should NOT edit the component names in front of the '=' sign. These tell QueMaster what do the words you typed in mean.

Example: original: bDownItem.Caption='Down'
translated : bDownItem.Caption='Dole'

One of the things you should be aware of is that if you use too long translations they can "escape" from the button (or label, or whatever), so you should be careful to, more or less, keep the original string length. This doesn't apply to lines which end with .hint which are displayed in tooltips. The best way to check is to test your translation from time to time and see if everything is OK in all the windows.

ExampleDownItem.Hint='Move the selected item Down'
this lines length is not important being that it displays in a tooltip

If you wish you can even extend the hints (in the form of help for inexperienced users).

The empty strings can remain empty, but in especially in the case of hints, you can add the apropriate translation (and you will have a more complete translation than the English one;) ). The charset values should probaly stay as they are, they should be changed only if there are problems with showing language-specific chars. For more help about this contact me.

Your name should be put in the following string which is in the [tAboutBox] section (it's about line 170):

Panel1.Translation.Caption='Translation for version 1.1 by Donny'

You can also put you mail or web address there if you like....

When you are done, you can contact me on the forum or by mail, and your translation will be put on the web page and will be included in the next release. You may also contact me if you need any help, or have some unclarities.

The English complete file is there for experts and fanatics;) It has all possible error messages in the beginning of the file (most of them aren't posible in QM) and some extra strings that can be translated, but aren't visible or should be used with caution... So those of you who know what are you doing may find this file usefull... Most of you should just bypass it and leave it there... The extension of the file is wrong on purpose! there can loose some settings if you use this file as a translation....

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