Keyboard Shourcuts

QueMaster help index

All of these are accessable from any QueMaster window....
the list is updated for version 1.2

Playing around with items :
Alt+Up - move song up
Alt+Down - move song down
Alt+Delete - delete the song from the Queue
Ctrl+P - Play now!

Playing around with the currently playing:
Ctrl+Left - rewind
Ctrl+Right - ffwd
Ctrl+Space - Pause
Ctrl+N - Skip (Next)
Alt+Ins - Add current to Queue

Global Queue commands:
Ins - Add files
Ctrl+R - randomize Queue
Ctrl+C - Clear Queue
Ctrl+S - Save as...

QueMaster commands:
Ctrl+~ - toggle about
Ctrl+1 - toggle dAP panel
Ctrl+2 - toggle playlists
Ctrl+3 - toggle info panel
Ctrl+0 (zero) - toggle Options
Ctrl+Tab - switch between active QueMaster windows

Ctrl++ - toggle biginfo mode

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