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version 1.5 (February 2008)
on request: connection to a TextToSpeech system, using the Microsoft SAPI 5 You
are able to select any installed voice (including for instance the paid voices
from AT&T), and you can also customize it's rate and volume. -When the TTS is
active, first the volume of dap is lowered by an amount defined in the options,
and when it done, it returns the volume to the original state. - automatic
speaking on track change, can be enabled from the options panel. - new "Speak"
button under the queue list so that it can be called whenever

NOTE: All versions of Windows XP have the speech engine in by default, so there
shouldn't be any problems with this feature. But due to lack of testing on older
systems (such as win98), I am unsure how will QM behave on systems that don't
have it installed. It is posible that QM will even refuse to start. Feel free to
report any such weird behaviour.

changed the ini format just a tiny bit. it will now sort all the fields inside,
so you can easily find them if needed. don't worry about conversion, it will
auto load the previous 1_3 file, and save the new version. you can then delete
the old file if you wish, thou it's size is about 1 kb, so it won't burden your
hard drive. the 1_5 version should be backward compatible.

- fixed a bug involving IO errors when using the infopanel, especially when
starting QM with it open. now it uses threads and surely waits for the analisys
process to finish. you now also have a button on the info panel for refreshing.
it seems that it still rarely refuses to show the info, but at least it doesn't
bother you with error boxes. - fixed a bug which didn't save the checked state
of the "close dap on exit" in options. - small layout change:infopanel is now up
when locked, and playlists are down. - some tweaking about the loading

version 1.4 (April 2007)
More than 3 years have passed since the original releases, and this time it's
been more than a year between releases. Don't know why actually, I had most of
the changes done a while ago, just didn't pack and upload. well the help needed
a few touches
- the new time display in the big info mode...
- the refreshed 3D icon

. minor changes:
- max procedure tweaked a bit. better remembers the position.
	note: seems much better to use the max(=) button then to double click the title
- some potential loading bugs fixed
- no reg touching for finding dap directory (QM must be in the same dir as dbpoweramp)
- some source reformating for better readability and easier updateing

version 1.3.2(August 1st 2005)
now it's about 2 years from the publishing of the first betas, and although
there were periods of inactivity, being that the last version appeared before a
year, it has been nice working on the project :-) and do come to :-)
{it has been some time - not much to do easily, not enough time, but here are some improvments}
- improved the BigInfo option - now center vertically as well
- added the maximize/restore button
- did some improvements on the maximizing procedures
- now you can adjust the list size by draging a little label at the bottom of the list (fonts will of course adjust automatically)

-on request: Auto Enque feature - on every Interval of minutes - enques a file specified.

-changed the ini loading proc, so now there is a new ini... it took time but it is better now...
- some bugs and wrong tooltips fixed... 

version 1.2 (Jully 20th 2004)
- QueMaster now has separate ini files for users so every user has it's own settings (just like in dAP)
- fixed some move and delete procedures for the list
- now you can select more than one song from the list (using shift) and then move or delete them
- now you can drag a song around with the mouse (only one at a time)
- improved playlist loading, support for extinfo and detects how far you are in
the playlist before loading quemaster
- played around with some of the keyboard shortcuts. take a look at the list
- added close buttons on info and playlists
- some other minor bug fixes...

version 1.1 (February 18th 2004)
- QueMaster is now Multilingual! - for making your own translations see help file
- now there can be only one active QueMaster...
- new detailed info (using dBpowerAmp systems - thanx to Spoon:) )
- BigInfo text auto sizes, so that it can't "escape" out of the screen...
- reworked some menus ( now you can right click on the titlebar and most of the
buttons, and you'll get a new menu with min, max, etc...)
- rearranged the panels... now when all are on and docked it fits exactly into 800*600
- favorite playlists are now saved in "qmpl.ini", not in the main ini, so if something is messed up 
with the main - you keep your playlists:)
- now you can add multiple playlists to the list (with one open dialog)
- new skins (blizzard, lizard) and slight adjustments to default...
- some minor fixes (like tool tips, tab order, etc...)

Final 1.0 (December 21st 2003)
Being that the last beta seems stable and operational, I have just made a few
little fixes and decided to release this as a final 1.0.
- features a new huge display (activated with the 'Big Info' button). It is
located behind the main list. You can customize the size of the text (20-100 px)
- now remembers if it was maximized and also the other windows aren't docked to
the main one while maximized.
News in beta 4 (September 21st):
- auto detect the active file... - no more need to search for your own files!
- Favorite playlists window - so now you can have all of your favorites as far as a double-click!
- option to load a custom picture into the program background
- customizable color changes
- save color schemes for pictures
- improved playlist loading - almost all m3u should work now... now inserts instead of appending
- export the Queue to an m3u. So if you preffer you can use it as a playlist editor.
- some size and arrangement changes...
- double click on the title (quemaster) and it will maximize
- windows can now be undocked
- saves windows positions
- .... and much more....

New Stuff in beta 3  (21st August 2003):
- Added PLAYLIST support!!!!  Select a playlist in the queue, right 
click, select "Playlist-> Items" or click on the "+Playlist" button
- Added a "Duplicate" function
- Option to turn off dAP on exit
- Option in installer to start on windows startup
- Fixed a little bug with rotate so that you can repeat just one 
- Fixed a bug that happened on first run that blocked the program....
- Now you can add more that 1 file to Queue with 'Add files' button...
-a new way of loading so it won't jam on some songs....

New Stuff in beta 2 (9th August 2003):
- First that you can see it looks far better than before.
- a rotate checkbox! - if checked then it will repeat the files that are on currently on que.
Note that the QueMaster must be turned on for this to work.
- clear queue and randomize 
- add to queue
- note that many of the features work only with the active que
- No more "Save" button - it automatically loads and saves...
- Better integration to dAP - you don't need Control Freak anymore to control dAP from QueMaster.
- shows data on the curently playing file
- it can rewind thru the song now
- .... and more

playlists are still unsuported, but I excpect a full support in the next 

beta 1 - first public release of the 32bit 
version: 26th of Jully 2003.
- everything you can see is new:)

For any help and support go to dAP forum.

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