My QUEEN views

The Beginning and my collection

I started listening to Queen probably the same time that I was born. I remember many of the clips from TV when I was small, but there is a time of few years when I wasn't aware of Queen . Somewhere about 1998 I started listen to some LP from my fathers collection, and not much after I became a fan, although I started to fill my collection later (I bought my first tape on 20th of April 2000 - 8 years after the Freddie Tribute, of course I didn't know that then..) but now I have all the official albums, most of the Freddie's solo and four( two live and two regular) Brian's albums. I also have all Roger's albums, but I still don't have any of the Cross's albums. It's hard to find them here, and I'm in no hurry, there's a lot of stuff to listen to....

I remember the tribute concert was on TV, and I knew then that it was about somebody great, some extra special man.

My collection was growing like this:

The Game; Greatest Hits - bought before I was born; Greatest Hits III (a bootleg from 1996) - 20th of April 2000; Greatest Hits II; Made In Heaven - 1st of December 2000; Hot Space - 4th of December 2000; The Works & Greatest Hits III (official) ; A Night At The Opera 25th of December 2000; A Day At The Races; News of the World - 4th of January 2001; Jazz; A Kind Of Magic; The Miracle; Innuendo; Queen II; Queen; Sheer Heart Attack; Live Magic; Live At Wembley & Queen Rocks & Live Killers;

About Songs and Albums

So anyway I like all of the songs, there are a few that I like more or less that the rest, but it's all just Queen, that special kind of music. There are a lot of songs that I noticed right away, the first time I've listened to them, but again many of them I started to understand only after the second time.

I don't really have a favorite song, it kinda changes from time to time and it's a bit related to my current state of mind, but some of my regular favorites are "The Show Must Go On", "Spread Your Wings", "Somebody To Love", "Teo Torriatte", "Under Pressure" (I like Bowie too)...... "BoRap" is of course a special story.

I also don't have a  favorite album. I guess it could be "The Game", because it's my first one, maybe "Innuendo" or "Made In Heaven"... Although there is no bad Queen album, the worst one is "Hot Space". It's not bad, in fact it's good, but it just don't have that extra something. Some say that "Flash Gordon" is not much but it's a soundtrack album not a regular rock album.