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- November 2008 - The site is now up for more than 6 years, though the last few there were no updates.
Being that this is the first site that I made, it has a lot of bad code. Now I've tried to fix up a few pages to be more modern in design (both visual and in code), but there is a lot of work to be done, and I am not sure if I will ever fix it all up.
The front page now has a much clearer code. I have checked the links section and threw out the non existant sites.

- April 2006 - almost 4 years from start. though the last years weren't very active, almost no real change since 2003.
reworked all the lyrics (some had problems). some edits to code thru many of the pages, etc.
the new queenfan page contents system installed.

but I have to say I'm working on the wikipedia to improve the Queen experience there, I think it is worth it. I'm working on these and manny related pages:
English Queen article Serbian Queen article

- Feb 2005 - What to say I just can't get time to work on this, the site is pretty big (the complete Donny's web page), and I was doing a lot of work on the lyrics engine, also working on QueMaster, etc...
so now the page is on new host, and has a new adress, being that I now have a domain, though old links should be functional...

- mid of March 03- new drop down menus, "Hot Space" page compatible with Opera now, and     that's about it.

- end of Feb. - added some video pictures, some more awaiting. a few albums are also almost ready, so....

- February 2003 - Added more albums, like 'Happiness?' and 'Electric Fire'. A little redesigning

-  Christmas update - Queen lyrics are now complete, except of the live stuff and such. I'm hoping to revisit all the album pages and ad links to lyrics, tune them up a bit.

- 18th of November - moving to www.angelfire.com/music5/donny/queen - some design and structure changes, added more lyrics, info, album chooser on the main page,...

- August, September, October 2002 - a lot of small updates, adding albums, lyrics and other stuff...

- 10th of August 2002 - first upload on Geocities www.geocities.com/donnysweb2002/queen

- Started on www.infosky.net/~pracner/queen/index.html thru June, July 2002.

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