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dbpoweramp skin made by me info, screenshots & download

My Winamp skin - Queen Amp GH3

-view info on winamp official site

Another One Bites The Dust - in reverse (127kb) - I agree the words sound similar to "it's fun to smoke marijuana" only if you want to hear it.  The official QMS (Queen Mailing System) decision is there's nothing there. I agree. Anyway hear it out yourself and decide on your own.


- blue wallpaper

- get official wallpapers at Queen Online - media section. Check out the comic too!

- get some on The Official Queen Fan Club web site - got some real nice ones

The Complete chart on 'Show Must Go On' web site - click
The new version can be found here

Name That Tune Game on 'We Will Rock You Musical' page - here

Teo Torriate translated

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