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Roger Taylor
(The King of the Drums)

July 26th 1949

King's Lynn, Norfolk, England

5' 10.5" (179.1 cm)

Bands Before Queen:
The Bubblingover Boys (1957)
Beat Unlimited/Cousin Jacks/The Falcons (1964 - early 1965)
Johnny Quale and the Reactions/Reaction (early 1965 - autumn 1968)
Smile (Autumn 1968 - Summer 1970)

Felix Luther (M), May 22nd 1980 (mother - Dominique)
Rory Eleanor (F), May 29th 1986 (mother - Dominique)
Rufus Tiger (M), March 8th 1991 (mother - Debbie)
Tiger Lily (F), October 10th 1994 (mother - Debbie)

Roger started with solo stuff way back in '77, and has continued publishing albums, latest being "Electric Fire" from '98. For a while he had a group called "The Cross"

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