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John Deacon
(the Greatest Bass Player)

August 19th 1951
Leicester, England

5' 9" (175.2 cm)

Bands Before Queen:
The (New) Opposition/The Art (Autumn 1965 - September 1968)
Deacon (October 1970 - early 1971)

Robert (M), July 18th 1975
Michael (M), February 3rd 1978
Laura (F), June 25th 1979
Joshua (M), December 13th 1983
Luke (M), December 5th 1992
Cameron (M), November 7th 1993

John retired from music when Freddie died, and decided to devote his time to his family. He participated on the Tribute concert (Apr. 20, 1992) and on a few other events.

There are rumors that he sold all of his guitars (or at least almost all).

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