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Freddie Mercury
(The Lord of the Sings)

September 5th 1946


Real Name:
Farookh Bulsara

November 24th 1991 of AIDS in his home, Logan Place, in London.

5' 9" (175.2 cm)

Bands Before Queen:
The Hectics (1958 - 1962)
Ibex (August 1969 - October 1969)
Wreckage (October 1969 - November 1969)
Sour Milk Sea (February 1970 - Spring 1970)

Doesn't it consider you when you read on a battery "0% Mercury" or "No Mercury". It's a bit better when it says "Mercury Free", although it's also kinda fishy.
On the other hand on almost every radio you can see "FM". That's nice isn't it ? Everybody is paying a tribute to the great voice....

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