dBPower Amp


Diablo 2 skin out on 12th Sept 06

Queen Skin

Christmass Skin

dBpower Amp is an experience like no other... all you people who don't like winamp (or like it, but you feel something is missing) should definitely try it...

If your main habit is to listen all of your music in a random order (almost) all the time you spend on the PC, then this is your program.... it has a music collection, much better then the libraries in Media player and Real One,... It has the queue instead of a playlist. A little weird at start, but when you get used to it it is fantastic!

visit http://www.dbpoweramp.com for more info and downloads....

 QueMaster - this is a little proggy I wrote. It is meant for advanced usage of the queue in dBpower Amp. It has also support for multiple languages.

On the skins pages you will see some additional info and some screenshots of the skins.

Skins: Diablo 2 Queen Xmass Beyond 3DWood The MATRIX Revisited Stereo Ga Ga The Matrix skin Donny's blue skin

The official skin download place:

Here you can find probably all of the skins for dap (unfortunately, not many), among which are my skins too.