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Stereo Ga Ga

This skin should represent a nice home stereo, equipped with all the regular stuff like CD, Radio, Cassette deck, an amplifier, speakers. Of course there are a few dBPower standard parts, like the Equalizer, which, in this skin, contains almost all of the sound controls.

The skin also has a huge visual panes, which contain the basic information about the track playing. There are two of these, one that is on top of other windows (in 1152*864 it's full screen, with nothing above it) and the other behaves like a regular window (800*640). In the future there could be additional visuals witch could cover the whole screen in other resolutions....

This version contains customized playlist, prev.played, mmc and menu.

Main amp of Stereo Ga Ga, with almost all possible info

and of course the mini player...

faithful speaker of Ga Ga

The new part  - for visualization only, when you are listening to music and  you want to see it.

This one is full screen, in 1152 resolution

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