DarkSun's Glare is a comic without a clear genre classification, made by me, Archon. The emphasis of the comic shall be on the characters themselves, not so much about the story (although it plays a very important part, of course). The whole idea came from my urge to imagine things, and after a while, the urge to tell them to someone. I started writing stories, but sometimes I had troubles with words. It was because I wanted the people to see what I see, the exact look of every charater, building or landscape, and so my stories got drowned in the descriptions that took half the page, and still I couldn't deliver the complex image that formed in my mind. The next logical step was to put that picture on paper and show it to someone. However, I am not talented enough, and my sense of perfectionism told me that the pictures are not good enough. Thats when I resorted to alternate forms of "drawing".

The comic itself is made with the use of Oblivion and it's unbeliveably modular Plug-In engine. It enables me to change the existing world to my liking or create a completely new one, though I prefer the later. The possiblities are unlimited.

DarkSun's Glare is in no way connected to the world of The Elder Scrolls (well, except a gag here and there). I am only creating it with the help of that marvelous game. It should apply to game fans as well as people who just like a good story or enjoy reading comics.