Archon's Wallpapers

All of these wallpapers were made combining Caligari TruSpace 3 and Adobe Photoshop 7.

DbPower amp

The first wallpaper that was made for an absolutely great music player DbPower amp.

The Music

The second wallpaper also intended to be made for DbPower amp but it happens to be a stand-alone.


Started as a square with a roof to become this. The shadows are the best part of this wallpaper.

A 3d 1

Made with a combination of a few of my experiments. My ex logo is in the center.


The Room

Made in an hour or so this is an experiment of strong perspective that came out better looking than I thought.

Space Ship

A realistic lightning that matches with the picture. Trail added in Photoshop. The background picture is from Planet plus! site.

The Energy

A wallpaper created in 15 minutes. A bit of transparency, lots of sweeping and rotating... and it came out like this (really weird).

Night ride

Is there a better thing to do on a foggy night than to drive a futuristic car with weak lights? Lens flare was added in Photoshop, and the rest is pure TrueSpace.


I tested motion blur on this one. It should give the effect that you are going in to it. Very colored, don't you think?


If I were around 100 years old I would call this "useless nostalgia" , but I'm still a teenager so...

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