About Archon

My name is Zoltan Pracner. I live in Futog, former Yugoslavia (now Serbia & Montenegro). Born 31. 7. 1989. My nickname is from Starcraft, a superb strategy game of incredible atmosphere, precisely from the unit archon, one of the most powerful ones and, by me, the coolest one. I like 3D modeling, games, writing, reading and music (Especially Queen, U2, David Bowie, Clannad, Orthodox Celts, etc. ). I preety much enjoy a good fantasy or horror book now and then. One day I started talking with my brother about a story, made of three books. I used to bother him all the time with it, and, with time, I started making up characters and the entire world. Once I had a form of everything, I started writing stories.


Music group- Queen

Song - David Bowie - Little wonder

Book - Song of Ice and Fire series

Movie - Matrix Reloaded

- fps - Half Life,
- rpg - Morrowind and Baldur's Gate 2,
- strategy - Starcraft (and Starcraft Brood war),
- racing - Midnight club 2;

Web Site - Digital Blasphemy

Tv Series - Berserk


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